Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lilli's Shanghai

I used to work in the Shanghai Centre so I was at serious risk of burning holes in my pockets every lunchtime with one of the Lilli's showrooms so easily accessible.

Gorgeous, interesting designs that were pricey for Shanghai but reasonable by Aussie standards. Their showrooms are well worth a look and I suspect you will walk away with a few items in your hands.

I recommend the Xiang Yang Lu showroom over the Shanghai Centre. The Shanghai Centre shop is small although it is quite well stocked but the Xiang Yang Lu store is beautifully designed and shows off the products rather nicely (I've never been to the other locations).

Even better, you can expect excellent service from friendly staff (shock horror, yes... in Shanghai!).

Lilli's Shanghai

Photos: Above - my favourite evening bag made with Japanese obi fabric and silk lining inside. It feels fantastic and the metal handles adds the perfect touch.

Right: small hand-embroidered evening bag.

Will have to raid the shop when I visit again in late 2007! *rubbing hands together gleefully*

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