Tuesday, February 6, 2007

MaxMix from Cybertart

Yes, I carry on about these guys a little but hey, they're great people and they have oarsome bags. Here's something nifty that Cybertart dreamed up. Mix n Match bags. The art panels on their bags zip right off! So, you can buy panels separately and change them around as often as you want in around 3 seconds. Sahweet :)


jen said...

Ooh so excited about finding your bag blog!

I am the same. No girly shit but love a good bag.

Thought you might like these ones too:


scootergrrl said...

Hey there Jen

Glad you like the blog, I'm still migrating content from my old blog on Bubbler, so, there will soon be more pics and links on this site.

I must confess that I do get sucked into some girly stuff sometimes :D

Will check out your links!